2018-05-10 02:04:51
Project Description

The China pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China, colloquially known as the Oriental Crown, was the largest national pavilion at the Shanghai Expo and the greatest display in the history of the World Expo. It was also the most expensive pavilion at the Shanghai Expo costing an estimated US$220 million. The pavilion showcased China‚Äôs civilization and modern achievements by combining traditional and modern elements in its architecture, landscaping and exhibits. A large number of green and energy-saving materials are used in the construction of the China Pavilion, which fully embodies the concept of energy saving in Shanghai EXPO. The selection of thermal insulation materials will directly affect the operating efficiency of the central air-conditioning system and the indoor air quality of the China Pavilion, therefore, choosing a reliable thermal insulation material supplier is of great significance. Durkflex FG, once again, stands out from all other competitors and gains highly recognition due to its excellent thermal insulation performance and environmental friendly properties.