Durkflex is the global leading supplier and the leader of elastomeric composite thermal insulation material.

So far, Durkflex has four separate brands for elastomeric thermal insulation: Durkflex, Fiberflex, Durksonic-QEP, and innovative pre-insulated fabric air duct system, named "Durkduct" system.

Durkflex FG

Durkflex® FG is a high quality flexible foam thermal insulation for HVAC R applications, and Durkflex® FG has passed a series of strict product tests, such as Class 0 of BS 476 part7, FM approvals and UL94. Whole series of Durkflex® FE products have fully applied with "ACMF (Accurate Control Microcellular Foam)" technology.


Durkflex FC-S / FC-M

Durkflex FC-S/FC-M brings a new solution for industrial and chemical processes at cryogenic temperatures. Durkflex FC-S/FC-M is a high-performance elastomeric insulation system for cryogenics, constructed using a special formulation for very low-temperature operation. It is manufactured using Durkflex proprietary ACMF (Accurate control microcellular foam) technology. These multi-layered systems can maintain good flexibility and a stable insulation performance for industrial cryogenic environments at -200℃.


Fiberflex™ is high fire-proofing elastomeric composite thermal insulation material, using fire-resistant and diversified outer insulation material with optimal performance to composite with elastomeric thermal insulation by patented flexible fusion technology. It can be applied into all fields because of its highest fire safety and best comprehensive performance.


Durksonic QEP

Durksonic QEP is a kind of compound open-cell acoustic absorption damping material which was developed with patented technology by Durkflex, provides the solutions for reducing the influences of noise pollution and improving life quality.

Packaging & Accessories

Durkee accessories are the products aiming to match with Durkee insulation materials to ensure high-quality and unprecedented user experience in various applications.