Durksonic QEP

Durksonic QEP is a kind of compound open-cell acoustic absorption damping material
which was developed with patented technology by Durkflex, provides the solutions
for reducing the influences of noise pollution and improving life quality.

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High Performance in Noise Reduction

Durksonic QEP is flexible open cell material with unique compound structure, when the acoustic waves enter the material, it will collide several times, and because of the elasticity of the material, the sound energy will be absorbed. There would be better performance of acoustic insulation.


Environmental friendly

Open cell, fiber free and dust free, resistant to the growth of mold and fungi, the Durksonic QEP can effectively prevent the breeding of bacteria and ensure a healthier environment.


Longer Life Span

High hydrophobic. It’s unnecessary to do the process of waterproof and moisture proof. Moreover, high water vapor diffusion resistance prolongs the life span.


Easy installation

Because of moderate density and flexibility, Durkflex QEP can be easily cut and transported conveniently. And fiber free, dust free, it would be safer and more economical to be applied in sound blocking works.


Durksonic QEP VS other acoustic insulation materials


Physical Properties Data Test Standars
Range of Service Temperature -30℃ ~ +110℃ /
Colour Black DIN EN ISO 10140-2-2010
Thickness 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 30mm, other thickness on request
Frequency 125 Hz 250 Hz 500 Hz 1000 Hz 2000 Hz 4000 Hz
Sound Reduction Index 37.3 db 43 db 51.2 db 56.7 db 58.9 db 61.8 db
180 ~ 300 kg/m³ /
Thermal Conductivity
(Room Temperature)
0.042 w/(m.k) DIN EN 12667
Sanitation Fiber free, Dust free /
Tensile Strength 250 kPa /
Extensibility 50% /